You’ve seen them. You’ve heard them.
They can’t be missed or ignored.
They are Grown Women discussing their passions, their plights and their pursuits. Whether they are in the beauty salon chair, lounging with their sister-friends, or kicking it 7/11 style with a slumber party – these Grown Women are ready to share, discuss and inspire other Grown Women. All of this stemming from the culmination of her personal journey.
Imagine a special room dedicated to the Grown Woman where she shares her story.
Imagine in that room other Grown Women sharing their experiences – whether through “whining or lip service.”
Imagine each Grown Woman being able to learn from the collective myriad of lip services that were shared.
Imagine Grown Women coming together for this one special moment in history. What do you get?
Empowering Grown Women through the services of Whining and Lipservice. An interactive, social networking experience bringing Grown Women together to discuss and share their PASSIONS, PLIGHTS, PURPOSES and ever-evolving PURSUITS.
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Miss. Jones (