I don’t know about you, but I think it’s a great time to be a WOMAN! A FEARLESS WOMAN!

Even coming out of the fog of the 2016 election season, and the loss we may have felt, more so for the explanations and reasons we had to give our daughters, nieces and loved young ones – there’s now becoming a current of urgency for women to unite as one and begin truly breaking glass ceilings, once and for all.

Heading down to Dallas, there was only one goal: to bring women of all generations together to discuss our plights and passions, but transform our personal experiences into healing testimonies for those around us and those we come in contact with on our journey.

What we will see this year is more of the hidden, unspoken stories of being a woman coming out of the shadow and standing proud in the daylight. I believe more women will begin to share their truths and unite with those around them to figure out how we can truly change the world for the next generation.

There is something beautiful and truly powerful about women, (cross-generational), sharing, laughing, loving and healing in a space specifically designated for the occasion. There’s something even more amazing when the transformative healing and clarity we receive in that space, then becomes an inspirational pivot for the woman to use in her own social network, community and the world around her.

If “Leaning In” was the rally cry for women at the beginning of this journey, fearlessly shattering glass ceilings will be the next level for us. All that to say… Ladies, we must still be in formation!

I am thankful for each woman who gave her voice to this platform. Who shared her journey, her testimony and insight around the questions and thoughts posed. Whine & Lipstick would not be the platform it is today, without your constant support, vulnerability and belief.

Watch the clip below to see snapshot of what took place in Dallas!

xoxo, Miss. Jones