On June 24th, 2016 – we journeyed to a far away land called New York City. In tow, we had the Blossoms and a few Hummingbirds ready to experience the bright lights and the big city one of our leaders calls their home.

Leading up to this special journey, the Blossoms went through a series of masterclass sessions. In these sessions, they gained critical acumen on how to become an effective leader within their community, amongst their peers and in their everyday walk with Christ.

Each Blossom was held accountable for attending each session, as well as having the responsibility of reaching out to potential donors in order to fundraise for the New York City trip.

We are proud to announce that it was a SUCCESS!! Due to the donations we received, the Blossoms were able to be apart of key Millennial conversations to help them understand the importance of “Wearing Their Crown”, “Leaning In” and Owning Their Brand”. 

All of this in an effort to showcase, how each young lady is the QUEEN of her DESTINY. But most importantly, if they remain diligent to God’s hand, He will orchestrate the entire masterpiece of their lives, gifting them with CROWN JEWELS along the way.

We want to thank those who continue to support us, as we continue to build the foundation and extend the reach within this organization. Again, none of this would have been possible without those who donated funds and resources. Also, a very special shoutout to our community partners, The Miss Jones eXperience, The T. Alexander Foundation, and the wonderful and phenemonal women of Disney/ABC Television Group.

It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to uplift the voices within each child. 

Enjoy the video below, to get an exclusive behind the scenes look at what took place when the Bossoms took New York City!!