Can you imagine how one simple word can change your entire life?

How a declaration of acceptance to a calling that has been laid on your life grants you full access into your divine future.

Put yourself in Mary’s shoes … the mother of Jesus Christ.

And two years ago to date, that’s what I did.

Hypothetical of course. I read Luke, chapter 1 and began to question the entire story. But one question stood out the most – what if Mary’s story took place today?

Would we be more accepting than those she encountered 2000 years ago?
Would we accept her with open arms? Would churches of today allow her to sit in the pews, dance in the dance ministry, sing in the choir – knowing her background?

Would students in her school support her or quickly plaster her face onto memes, making her story go viral in an instant?

What side of the story would you be on if Mary was to walk amongst us today?

So, I set out to answer these questions and the end result was ….


“puts a feministic lens on the traditional Christmas story we have heard for years. Set in modern day times, we present biblical concepts and challenges positioned through the eyes of Mary.

This musical production aims to explore the question – ‘ What if Mary’s story took place today, in a digital age, where a story such as this, would go VIRAL on social media within seconds?’

We invite you on a unique, spiritual odyssey bringing to light what may have encouraged Mary to exhibit the qualities of Selflessness and Obedience. Most importantly, showcasing what made Mary, truly and wholeheartedly – SAY YES!" 

Last year, I brought the production to my hometown. This year, God has so graciously extended our reach and we are headed to Richmond, VA, to partner with Riverview Baptist Church.

This is a unique opportunity for any youth in the area to bring their talents, their skills, and their voices to this platform. To be used as a vessel unto God to proclaim the universal message within this story.

We will all be faced with moments where we can either say no or yes – I hope you will SAY YES when the light so shines forth on you.

Check out the video below to see how we are changing the production this year, to make it even more dynamic than what it was the year prior.

Hope to see you there!