Anoint my tongue, so that I may speak your word.

Bless my mind, so I may gain wisdom from above.

Strengthen my ear, so I may hear you clearly and incline to your Kingdom.

Direct my eyes, so that my third eye discerns beyond what lies directly ahead.

Gird my hands, so that they may push forward the gospel plow.

Shod my feet, so that I walk forward in your light.

Pour into my heart, so that they may remain open to the windows of heaven.

Cover my breastplate with righteousness, so I may stand protected from thine enemies.

Equip thine staff to do thy heavenly work, so your sheep may follow YOUR way.

Open my mouth to exclaim praises for you, as you uplift my soul unto you

Mold my crown into a work in progress masterpiece, so that I remain crafted in your hands.

Hold me dear Lord in a place that aligns with you. Allow me to rest on your promises and under the covering of God.

Bless thine house and thine family as you are the foundation of each.

We honor you today and tonight Dear Lord praising you for your reverence, your majesty, and the beautiful tapestry of your omnipresence.

In Jesus name I do pray.


Dedicated to my mom.