Have you ever noticed how some leaves turn colors faster than others, while some stay green?

I am looking outside at the trees and see some fully orange, some fully green and some mixed. The fully green trees shouldn’t envy the fully orange trees. Some evolve faster than others and in the end, all leaves fall to the ground and become fertilizer for next year.

There’s a season for everything. A time to spring forth new life, a time to fall down on your knees, a time to hibernate from the cold, a time to embrace the warmth. The universe evolves in cycles and so does life. Without the fall could winter happen? Without spring could we appreciate the summer? Each season is thankful for the former and the latter because without the others it may not be who it is.

So, as humans, we must embrace and be thankful for every season. For every winter cold night in our lives where we pray for the summer sun. For every spring day we see new flowers begin to bloom. For every summer day where we dance naked as David did from the heat and every fall where we are able to see leaves change and prepare for a new season.

Pray for the process and Trust the transition. 

How can we grow if we don’t have seasons? Seasons strengthen us, teach us, prepare us, quiet us, and show us who is truly in control. Life is a season and in a season you find life.

Right now, I find myself in a season of saying yes. Saying yes to the seasons that come my way. Saying yes to remaining fluid as water as I go through each season. Fall is here, then winter, then spring, then summer, then fall again. We are in a constant state of seasonal evolutions, so why not say yes to the inevitable and begin enjoying and learning from each one?

*Kanye shrug* I am. Will you?

Do you appreciate the season you are in? What seasons taught you the most? What name would you give this season?

Happy Soul Glow!

Miss. Jones