When the caterpillar slips into their cocoon
When the butterfly spreads its wings for the first time

It’s all a beautiful process.

In order for the butterfly to spread its wings, the caterpillar must know when to retreat. When to settle down and reflect on the years it has had. Within the cocoon, the caterpillar does not die. On the contrary, the caterpillar slips dip down into itself. Looking inward to connect with the source and develop that inner strength.

It’s a process of rebirth and preparation.
A metamorphosis.
A transcension of oneself.
You are being called into your higher purpose, which is a magnificent butterfly.

But it takes time. It takes patience. It takes discernment. It takes faith.

The caterpillar must go through three stages in order to see the full manifestation of one self. Survival, Rebirth and a Revival.

Survival because the caterpillar must learn how to transition within the cocoon. If it gives up now, the caterpillar will never see the full manifestation of itself. It takes faith to know that this stage in life is necessary for the next. Even though you can’t see the transition, but you feel those heavy growing pains – surviving through each transition is the key to equipping you for what’s next.

Once the full metamorphosis has taken place inside the cocoon, it is now time to come out of the cocoon. It’s not an instantaneous action. It’s a rather gradual process of shedding one’s former self, one’s former shell to fully step into a new purpose.

The cocoon slowly opens and the old begins to fade away. Eyes adjust. Senses are renewed. Breathing feels different.

This is the Rebirth.

The butterfly doesn’t automatically fly right out of the cocoon. It’s a patient transformation of getting use to the new. Sometimes a butterfly will linger around the old cocoon just to come
to grips with what really happened. How the old shell can no longer contain the new wings, yet how the past was necessary for this present moment to manifest.

When people see the butterfly, they automatically admire the color of the wings. The true beauty of the butterfly is that the wings, the color and the overall artistry is not based on external factors. Everything that makes the butterfly who it is, was built from previous experiences. A painful, yet beautiful transformation of releasing the old to embrace the new.

It’s awe, mystery and wonder the butterfly now brings to its surroundings that people can see and feel. They know something is different, but have no clue what transpired to get her to this point. They know the butterfly has been through something, and it clearly shows on her authentically beautiful wings.

This is her Revival. Never forgetting where one came from but being appreciative of the full restoration of one’s true self. Everything has been revived within the cocoon – her mind, her soul, her heart, her spirit, her purpose. Everything begins to align to further help her understand who she truly is and why this transformation was necessary. She realizes that for all of this change to have occurred in such a small window of time, that her journey of evolution was nothing short of a miracle.

As the butterfly begins to feel comfortable and settled within the new, revived, strengthened self – she prepares to take flight. She is ready to soar. She is ready to explore. She is ready to use her former experience to inspire those around her. She is ready to leave behind the old and to fly boldly into the new direction life has laid out before her.

She’s not afraid of what lies ahead because she knows she was made for such a time as this.

And though the butterfly may never get a chance to see the colors of her own wings and the full depth of her evolution – it is her overall awareness that tells her that she was reborn. She is renewed. She is restored. And She is You.


xoxo, Miss. Jones