Looking from the outside in, it may not appear that this bustling city has changed at all. The buildings are still massive. The lights are still brighter than ever. The noises are still overwhelming. The city gives off this illusion that it has remained the same for centuries.

The saying goes that nothing ever stays the same, yet New York subconsciously offers you that contradiction. It still has the same draw, appeal and attraction since it opened its water ways.

It’s New York. And New York will always be New York. That’s what tourists love the most.

But to me, it has changed.

I’ve gotten to know New York over the past three years of my existence here. Lately, I’ve been finding myself walking down streets I haven’t walked down since I first step foot in the city. 8th Ave and 35th st. near the precinct. 7th Ave and 33rd st near the church and the firehouse, where the homeless people sit outside of both.

I walk down these streets and I’m amazed to see just how much has changed in a short amount of time. There are new attractions, new lights, new offerings. Some of the old storefronts have been brought at a higher price. Rent has skyrocketed with new, luxury, condo style apartments. It’s these small, little wonders that if you didn’t know were new to these side streets – you would think it was always a part of that street’s history. You would overlook it, seemingly allowing it to blend in with everything else New York has to offer.

That’s the thing about New York. You have to know her, to know that she has changed for the better. She has evolved around the experiences and the people she comes in contact. But in order to know this, you must take those side streets. Some of those lesser known areas, that people rarely frequent because they often want the brightest of lights.

In order to know her, you must know the history of her. What made her evolve into this, what Xperiences did she encounter, who did she come across to make her transition from an all access area to an exclusive VIP sanctuary. So yes, what you may see is the same old New York – the lights may have gotten brighter and bigger and the attraction to the outside world may be stronger than ever.

But to truly know her, to truly get the full Xperience of her – take those side streets and find out the history of what led to her evolving into the city you know her to be today.


Miss. Jones