Soon and very soon, I will take my position at center stage.

There’s an art to losing yourself in God. It becomes a whimsical dance that can go from African dubstep to the Tango in an instance. It’s an intimate story, you allow to be woven on your behalf as you take center stage and perform. To the crowd it comes across as a solo act, but to you, the heavenly angels and crowds of witnesses who look upon you… It is a duet with God.

You become a blank canvas for His love, His words and His work. And no matter how many attempted scribbles or how many colors you threw up there, God is the biggest eraser who can blot out all of your transgressions, imperfections and blemishes – just to create a new in you.

You become a masterpiece for God. Created by Him. Proudly shown off by Her. dancing-in-heaven-stefan-kuhn

You become an empty instrument that God breathes into and allows sweet Melodies and Harmonies to begin to play when in the presence of others.

Your face changes. You look transformed into a heavenly glow of sunshine where people no longer see you but they see God.

All from a dance you decided to impart on.

YES! There’s an art to losing yourself to God.


There may be some of you just tuning in for the first time and others have been regulars. I pray for you all during this season and thank you for your continual support now and over the years. You are witnessing my growth by the hand of God. It is nerve wrecking at times, but so exciting that you can’t turn away because you want to see what’s next!

As you know, I just write to share my experiences. I don’t know what tomorrow brings or the next month – I am living day to day just like you are. But it has taken me on this beautiful journey, in which this site is so named after – Journey of a Lighthouse. 

I hope to see you soon at my first Mini-Broadway production, #There’s Something About Mary. There you will be able to witness first hand the glory of God and how much of an intricate part He has played in not only my life, but those apart of the cast and crew and the many people He plans to fill the audience with.

I wrote the entry “My Duet with God” at the beginning of this year – so it amazes to see just how full circle God has really brought everything.

I am thankful for you all and may God continue to bless you and keep you now and beyond this holiday season.

xoxo, Miss. Jones