Who knew happiness would offend so many people? Who knew happiness made people uncomfortable? Who knew being happy would make someone jealous?

But I get it, this is new for people to see. To experience. But they become offended when they are not the reason or cause for the happiness.

unnamedBut that’s New York. That’s what this city is known for. For showing people the lights, giving them a good time and putting smiles on their face.

I guess when it becomes evident and a daily occurrence it becomes an issue.

I am grateful for the city and how happy it has made me. It wiped away my tears and listened to my fears. It was a major catalyst in helping me see that I am the goddess God is calling me to be.

I will never deny the happiness New York has brought into my life. To deny that is denying the love we share for one another.

But it’s necessary to point out that others aren’t as happy as they thought they were until they saw him make me happy. But I guess, I wasn’t as happy as I thought I was, until that smile came across my face that day I saw him.

Are there limits to happiness?