Are you the HER we have been looking for?
Are you the HER we have been searching for?
Are you the HER who knows that she was created for such a time as this?
Are you the HER that is ready to run the world?
You are the HER that is ready to embark on the journey of self-discovery. You are the HER who is ready to discover HER true purpose in this world. You can feel your gifts, talents and specialties radiating from inside of you, like a superhero coming into formation.
You are HER who wants to change the world and knows she will. By joining forces with HER collective, she combines HER vision with others to become the trailblazer and visionary this world so desperately needs.
You have been searching for the right planet, the right environment, to feel comfortable and safe enough to spread your wings and begin tapping into your very own existence. Searching the galaxy, near and far, for a space which allows you to be heard, but a chance to learn & listen.
A planet and a platform designed just for you, where you can freely share your thoughts, ideas, and visions. An atmosphere where your evolutions, transformations and revelations are celebrated, uplifted and encouraged.
You’ve been searching for the right synergy, a vibe, a tribe – where you can fearlessly wear your crown and boldly just be your authentic self. A collective orbit where information, inspiration and inclusivity flows freely. Where you are not limited in your creativity or innovation, simply because of your age or status.
Are you HER ?
Are you the HER we have been looking for?
Are you HER ? Because the time is NOW!
If you are the HER we have been searching the galaxy for – you are cordially invited to attend:


an interactive masterclass set to educate and empower girls to Own Their Brand. As an audience member of the experience, we are asking the girls to create her future, the future she wants to see and the future she will work hard to manifest. Through hands-on exercises, break-out sessions and think tanks – she will actively learn about HERself, HER role as tomorrow’s leader, and how to use HER voice to spark change in others.

She is NOW, She is Next #HERstorystartsNOW

If you’re ready to embark on a new journey of self-discovery while surrounding yourself with a safe, social network of cross-generational leaders, thinkers and visionary mentors, which creates a sustainable orbit where empowerment, enlightenment and excellence will engulf you into the galaxy vortex …

Please email: to reserve your seat today! (Seats are limited!!!)

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Are you ready to get into formation!? Purchase one of our exclusive campaign tees for your chance to be invited to the official State of HER Union photo shoot! (Kids sizes are available!) All proceeds from the campaign go to the continuing education and empowerment of “AT-Promise” Youth, facilated by MJX Journey of a Lighthouse, Inc. (Non-Profit Organization, 501(c)3 certified. For more information about the organization, please visit: