I’ve never done this before.

Allowed myself to be this vulnerable with an audience. Inviting people into the penthouse of my mind and sharing my innermost thoughts, experiences and testimonies.

But I’ve been told that in order to grow, one must step outside of their comfort zone.

So, here we go.

Writing has become a very healing, reflective, and therapeutic space for me. When I can not find the words to say, they are often written in my journal app or handwritten in my notebooks. The art of crafting words into sentences, then complete thoughts and paragraphs is a gift most of us take for granted. But for me, it has become an imperative form of self-expression and reflective prose.

As we approach the most famed day of love, where expressing our heartfelt emotions, whether written or verbal, has become a hallmark commodity of revenue – we are asked to focus on the love we currently give or the love we currently receive. However, there may be some of us who completely ignore this day, for reasons or another, and simply operate as if it’s another day in the 365 days we have in a year.

But the question I pose to you today is – have you healed through the experience of love? Have you released the baggage from the ghosts of love past? Have you reconciled the hurt, the pain and the chaos that love might have left behind? Have you reflected deep enough, to receive the ultimate revelation of it all?

Valentine’s Day for me is less about card giving and chocolate. It’s about being grateful of the love I do have in my life and giving thanks to the process of clearing out the baggage from previous love experiences. It’s about making sure I have created a space for attracting the love that is meant for me to receive, in the first place.

So, throughout the next few weeks I invite you on a journey of love through three levels: Resolutions, Revelations and Reflections. Through the art of love letters, during the first week I will share with you what I have worked through and resolved within myself. The week of Revelations shines a light on what has been revealed to me on a deeper level, as I worked through clearing out the mental debris and emotional baggage.

At the end of this journey, we will conclude at the Week of Reflections: looking back over the messages I have received on this journey while continuously moving forward on the journey ahead.

It is my hope that through these shared writings and love letters, that a virtual space of healing, expression and reflection is created – where you too can begin the journey of looking back over your love life, reconciling any emotional debris and begin receiving the revelations on how best to move forward in your own personal love journey.

So, with all of that being said – I present to you the first digital edition of LOVE JONES CAFE – a collective space where we can express our words, drop the mic and begin healing together.

xoxo, Miss. Jones