There’s no way I can begin a new season within my journey without dedicating my first post to God and the people who have supported me along the way.
This has been a journey. A journey filled with high highs and low lows. Who knew that three years ago, with me stepping out on faith to follow my dreams in New York City would bring me here.
I continually thank God and all that He has done, is doing and continues to do in my life. None of this would have been possible without His continuous grace, mercy and providence upon my life.
I am grateful for the people that He has brought into my life, since I have dropped an anchor in this concrete jungle. From the artists and the tastemakers I have been able to connect with, to the coworkers who have supported me each step of the way. Thank you all for believing in me and supporting me on my many endeavors.
To my family and the camp God has surrounded me with, thank you for your prayers, your unconditional love and the space you have given me that allows me to be – ME. Everything I have been able to accomplish and will accomplish in this lifetime, is truly a reflection of the encouragement and prayers I have received from each you. So, thank you for not only believing in my dreams, but listening to them as I “write the vision and make it plain”.
*puts the tissues away
Now – if you are just tuning in to the journey – Welcome!
If you have been here since Season 1 – Welcome Back!
A journey is solo. Yes. But the testimonies you gain along the way are meant to be shared. My prayer is that no matter where you are on your journey, there is something in my writing, my testimonies and my experiences that motivate/inspire you to continue persevering on your own personal journey.
We are all here for a reason. A collective kaleidoscope of experiences and consciousness that weaves together the fabric of our existence. So, why don’t we just share what we have learned along the way?
Formats, platforms and mediums may have changed – but the mission is still the same since Season 1…
“ I am here to entertain, educate and empower us all. In the words of Oprah, ‘ I want us to fulfill our greatest potential. To find our calling and to summon the courage to just live it.
So, if you have a passion, mission or just a hustle – talk to me, I’m listening. Until next time … xoxo – Miss. Jones. “