November 12, 2010

Happy, HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY. This is what I feel. I feel happiness and it’s the unexplainable happiness. It’s good to be happy because of what others do to make you happy. But to make yourself happy and be the reason for your own happiness is just phenomenal.

It’s the feeling inside of you that I feel only the Lord can provide. No, I’m not perfect, far from it. And I’ve made plenty of mistakes. But this time in my life, I feel so good about myself. I’m realizing my own potential. 

I saw him yesterday and today, but felt no anger, no hurt, no love. He’s just another person I interacted with in my lifetime. There will be plenty of other people that I come across on this journey of life, but as long as I know my own worth and that I can only make myself truly happy, then I have nothing to worry about.

Only you can allow people to make you feel inferior. You give people your consent to treat you a certain way. But this is why we have voices. To speak up to tell people how you want to be treated, how you want to be love. Your voice was given to you by the Lord to tell others about the real you. If you sit back and allow people to make perceptions about you without speaking up, then why have a voice?

Sometimes it’s good to sit back and watch the change happen in front of you, but to be apart of the change and better yourself is ten times better.

I just have this self love for myself and even if I can’t find anyone to love me how I want to be loved, I know I have myself, my family’s love and of course the Lord’s love. It’s like a triangle of love. 

–> Pretty sure this is how Pharrell felt as he was writing Happy. #retrospect