The great thing about God is that He allows you to look back over your life. To reflect and have a moment of introspection upon yourself. No matter what you have experienced, no matter what you may have gone through or the obstacles you encountered along the way – you are still here today. Pushing through the obstacles, life tries to through at you. But there is growth in those steps you have taken to get to where you are now.

When you embrace your life as a journey, allowing the final destination to be willed by God – it’s an act of surrendering and humility. Asking the Lord to be apart of your growth, your destiny, and your story.

We often fight against the will of God because we have this grand idea that we know what’s best for ourselves. Yet, as we sit and reflect I am sure each and every one of us can pinpoint moments where our decision costed us a temporary setback. Forcing us to reflect on how we can learn from our mistakes and keep moving ahead.

But God. Because without his Grace – many of us would still be stuck on the roads where our decisions could have been final. But He is truly the author and finisher of our story, we just have to abide in His will and invite Him on our journey. Allowing Him to become the executive producer, director and writer of who we are truly called to be in this world.

Tim Storey once wrote, “You are a mighty person in the making. A masterpiece in progress. A miracle in motion. Although you may have had many mistakes in your past, God still has a great plan for your future – if you do things His way. If you let Him, He will mold you into a vessel of honor for his purposes, He will breathe life into you and change you.”

So, today, on this Easter Sunday, find a moment to reflect and look back over your life. Becoming thankful over the moments you knew only He could have pulled you through. We all have them, and there’s no reason to ashamed.

It’s a moment to be thankful for.

Happy Easter & SoulGlow Sunday Everyone!

God bless,