Today… Was the first time in a while I felt happy again. It’s something about hitting rock bottom and finally picking yourself up, that you look in the mirror and see your own smile.

Yesterday it rained and today the sun was bright. That’s the thing about life, no matter how many rainy days you experience, the sun will eventually shine. And it will shine just for you.

My ancestors said, weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning and today I felt that.

I had horrible dreams last night, back to back to back… But I woke up knowing… Those were just dreams. And this is reality and I am still on a journey.

I’m ready to admit that I may be addicted to hitting rock bottom – because that’s where I push myself to be victorious. If we never fail, we never learn how to perfect our next steps.

Babies fall down all the time, yet they still stand back up and try again. I want the tenacity of a baby – the curiosity of a child, that no matter what obstacles or challenge I may encounter or no matter how many times I fall down… I will always pick myself back up.

It’s life. And I refuse to give up on my own life. I’d rather die knowing I tried to be great and inspire others to greatness, than give up just because I refuse to stand back up.

Today I am standing, tomorrow I may fall, but the next day I will stand again. That’s how you develop the character of greatness.