” Abraham Maslow was accurate when he theorized the hierarchy of human needs. His research demonstrated that from childbirth until old age, humans are designed to consistently seek where one’s true passion resides and how it shapes one’s future aspirations. College is presented as the ideal medium to help pursue dreams, pick up new talents, and help solidify possible career objectives. Yet, after graduating six months early with three honors, three track and field medals, and yearly recognition as a distinguished leader on campus, I was still unsure about my career direction. It took reflecting back onto my childhood to help illuminate my true passion with the media industry.

The New School for Public Engagement consistently creates the nurturing and challenging environment I need to continually develop my media relational skills. I plan to take more risks creatively and network with an esteemed faculty of media professionals. Furthermore, I plan to offer my guidance to undergraduate professionals, and engage myself within the New School’s community through various community organizations. With my expanding professional experience within media industry, I believe it is essential that I master the management and entrepreneurial skills infused in your media management curriculum. I aspire to become more than just a media professional, but to become a key leader in the multi-faceted media industry.

So, whether my future includes managing various media campaigns, identifying international branding strategies or effectively maintaining audience engagement, I am excited about obtaining the knowledge, guidance, and expertise needed to be successful in the media industry – The New School’s MSMM program is the key to achieving that level of success…” #TBT September 2012

Special Thanks to The New School for being such forward thinkers and giving me the opportunity to study within this program … Key Leader in Media, huh?!