slider1It’s been one full year now since I launched GLAMTV.

And even though GLAM has been able to accomplish so much within that year, I realize that there’s so much more to do, more to see, more stories and perspectives to share.

But I realized, in order to tell the stories of others on this platform, I must first begin with my own. My story, my journey. Who is Miss.
Jones. To show you why I’m so passionate about this vehicle, this
movement, this entity.

So, that’s what season 2 of GLAMTV will be – more me. Trust me it’s not vain. I just want you to know who is entertaining you, educating you, and empowering you as we grow together on this journey.

I am thankful for those who have been here since Day 1 and i am thankful for those who are just tuning in.

I have a lot planned for this season so I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Xoxo, MJ