Last Thursday, I joined in on a prayer call led by the wonderful @ApprovedbyHim and it was truly a blessing. If you ever get a chance to dial-in please do.

She began the call by speaking from Matthew 14: 22- 36, and spoke about how God will lead you to a boat, you will encounter storms, trials and tribulations along the way, but not only is it all ordained by Him, but YOU WILL make it to the other side. 

After the call, I couldn’t help but realize how There will be a time to get in the boat, but also a time to get out of the boat and step out on faith.

Jesus called out to Peter in the midst of the storm and told him to not be afraid, but to come out on the water and walk to Him. Of course, Peter being obedient stepped out on faith, but once on the water he doubted God and began to sink. Luckily, Jesus’ hand was there to catch Peter before he drowned.

No matter your age, no matter your race, no matter your geographic location – Life will always throw you curveballs, thunderstorms, wilderness experiences, etc. That we can all agree on.

__Photo_of_boat_on_the_water_054603_However, in those moments, sometimes you will be called to step out of the boat, step out of your comfort zone and rely on Faith. It is scary, it is nerve racking, but it is also fulfilling and empowering once you cross over to the land God promised you in the beginning.

It may be hard to fathom that God is still listening to you, but He is.
And it may be hard to fathom that if you step out of the boat that Jesus won’t help you, but He will. God has not forgot about you and maybe today He is just asking you to – Get out of the Boat and trust Him to guide you on these choppy waters.

So, what is your boat? Is it your past that holds you back? Is it a dead-end relationship that doesn’t fulfill you? Is it the opinions of others dictating your life? What is that one place of comfort that you refuse to move beyond simply because you are afraid of the unknown?

Don’t let fear hold you back! I find it interesting that out of 12 people in the boat, only ONE decided to call out to Jesus and refuse to let fear hold him back. Are you that one?

The boat is our comfort zone and we often stay there because it offers us a peace a mind and is familiar – but in order to grow, in order to know your full potential in this world, in order to walk into your destiny, getting out of the boat is a part of the process.

Be Radical, Get Out The Boat & Activate your Faith… What are you waiting for?

God bless.

Miss. Jones