The common theme in April for me was: REJECTION.

I was rejected in potential relationships, old friendships, church family, and potential career opportunities.

Rejection after rejection, I felt like I was in a boxing match. Round after round, I would get knocked down. But somehow find the strength to get back up again to carry on to the next day.

After the last round of rejection, coming from a career opportunity, it made me sit down and assess the playing field.

What did all of these rejections have in common?
And the common thread was me. People were rejecting me. Some intentional, some unintentional.

In the relationships I would get, I’m too much to handle, I’m selfish, there’s not enough time in the day to deal with everything I bring to the table.

In old friendships I was told – I’m bossy, I want things my way, they no longer want my energy around, i have become too much to handle.

From my church family, my vision was overpowering the titles they held so near and dear to their heart – Deacon this, Deacon that, trustee this, youth director that. They wanted my vision but didn’t want my voice. They wanted my creativity to bring people in the door, but wasn’t willing to change their perspective on how to go about it. They wanted me to sit down in a pew and be content with that place.

In career they said, my qualifications were superb, my experience showed my hustle, and my passion spoke volumes – yet there was someone more qualified to do the job.

And at that moment – all of the rejection that came flooding in in April all made sense.

God was closing doors on my behalf because that’s not where I was supposed to be.

Oftentimes we internalize rejection to think its something wrong with ourselves. There’s something that needs to be changed within us to be accepted by those who are rejecting us.

But what if Rejection was a form of FREEDOM.

What if rejection was meant to show us where we are meant to be and where we are not meant to be. What if rejection minimized the distractions in our life to allow us to focus on the things that will get us to where we need to be in life.

Why do you want to be around people who don’t accept you for you? Why do you want to be in a position where people don’t believe your qualifications are an exact match?

At the heart of Jesus’ journey, rejection is a common theme. He was rejected by his hometown, those He called His friends betrayed Him at the eleventh hour and those who claimed to know His father still felt He was unqualified for the mission He so passionately spoke about.

But through rejection, Jesus received the ultimate FREEDOM. Yes, it came with the ultimate SUFFERING, but because He didn’t allow rejection to stop Him, He was able to receive the ULTIMATE GLORY and His rightful position in the Kingdom.

So, when rejection knocks you down, Don’t allow it to be a knockout. Turn it into a moment of growth and self-acceptance.

I am grateful for those God has placed in my life that accept me for me, and aren’t threatened by my voice and my vision. I am also thankful for those people, places and positions God removes from my path.

I would rather be rejected and know that that’s not where I need to be nor waste my time on, then to be amongst people and places that don’t accept me for me and I end up wasting valuable time where the ROI looks bleek.

So, welcome rejection with a smile and a sense of peace knowing that this is your chance at FREEDOM. To be free of the things that don’t belong in your life, and free to appreciate the things that do.

And when all else fails, just keep running toward the GLORY, because at the end of the day, this is where we all need to be!!