I wish I was like my [computer] hard drive and something just comes along and wipes out all the bad memory (that) I never wanted in my heart and mind. Life would be so much easier. To forget about him, to forget about the disappointments to forget about all the negative people in your life…all the hurt…but then what lessons would we learn?

In life, should we only focus on the good things in order to feel better about ourselves?

I think sometimes we do need to erase somethings from our hard drive aka our heart and start over afresh. To breathe and reboot ourselves to prepare us for the next obstacle…

So many things have happened to me that I can feel myself changing…a new outlook on life.
I want to look back on this day and thank my 20 year old self for hanging in there as much as possible because in the end it was worth it and even though he and I may never get our fairytale dream…at the end of my Rainbow at least I can say I tried this time.

I know what true love really is and will soon encounter it when my baby comes home…red hair and all…the attachment, the need, the desire I have for this little 3 year old girl to be in my arms so I can protect her is unmeasurable.

I want to protect her from every heartbreak and even though I can’t – I want to be the shoulder she cries on when shxt starts to hit the fan…I will teach her and tell her what she needs to know about getting over a heartbreak.

Aniya Marie will always be my true Valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day my little Princess, see you soon. #retrospect

xoxo, Miss Jones