I am no longer in search of finding Love. I am Love. I want to give love to those who matter to me, my family, my friends, children. Letting go of the search and just allowing the Universe to match what I put out in the world.

When you go in search for LOVE you will always come back either empty handed or not satisfied in the end. Allow the LOVE to radiate from within the inner chambers of your heart to help navigate and attract someone who can match the LOVE you have for yourself.

For 2015, I am focused on LOVING MYSELF and sharing my LOVE with those in need. Some may laugh and say that this is a single girl’s cry for attention, but I disagree. This is a single girl saying she is paying attention to her wants and needs before bringing someone new into the space.

You are LOVE. You were created in the heavens with the only ingredient being LOVE. Everyday tell yourself that YOU LOVE YOU. Every flaw, every blemish, every imperfection because in that moment you will realize that those imperfections are what make you.

Don’t be afraid to LOVE yourself. To LOVE yourself is to LOVE the Creator who made you and in turn you will begin LOVING Life.

❤ Happy Valentine’s Day ❤

Miss Jones