Have you ever noticed how some leaves turn colors faster than others, while some stay green? I am looking outside at the trees and see some fully orange, some fully green and some mixed. The fully green trees shouldn’t envy the fully orange trees. Some evolve faster than others and in the end, all leaves fall to the ground and […]


” Abraham Maslow was accurate when he theorized the hierarchy of human needs. His research demonstrated that from childbirth until old age, humans are designed to consistently seek where one’s true passion resides and how it shapes one’s future aspirations. College is presented as the ideal medium to help pursue dreams, pick up new talents, and help solidify possible career objectives. Yet, after graduating six […]


Home Leaving a world that once satisfied me but no longer holds any weight. It no longer quenches my thirst for life nor satisfies my appetite for growth. The place I once laid my head at and sat ate the dinner table surrounded by family and friends can no longer sustain my butterfly wings. I have outgrown the nests and […]