I’ve never done this before. Allowed myself to be this vulnerable with an audience. Inviting people into the penthouse of my mind and sharing my innermost thoughts, experiences and testimonies. But I’ve been told that in order to grow, one must step outside of their comfort zone. So, here we go. Writing has become a very healing, reflective, and therapeutic […]

What Really Goes Down at #GHOE

When you think about college homecomings, your mind will probably go to 3 things: the proud, the loud and the overcrowded. College homecomings, specifically HBCU homecomings, bring out and draw in droves of current students, prospective students, alumni and those who try to blend in with the thrilling fanfare. From the parties to the tailgates, and the battle of the […]


Can you imagine how one simple word can change your entire life? How a declaration of acceptance to a calling that has been laid on your life grants you full access into your divine future. Put yourself in Mary’s shoes … the mother of Jesus Christ. And two years ago to date, that’s what I did. Hypothetical of course. I […]

Welcome to Whine & Lipstick

You’ve seen them. You’ve heard them. They can’t be missed or ignored. They are Grown Women discussing their passions, their plights and their pursuits. Whether they are in the beauty salon chair, lounging with their sister-friends, or kicking it 7/11 style with a slumber party – these Grown Women are ready to share, discuss and inspire other Grown Women. All […]


When the caterpillar slips into their cocoon When the butterfly spreads its wings for the first time It’s all a beautiful process. In order for the butterfly to spread its wings, the caterpillar must know when to retreat. When to settle down and reflect on the years it has had. Within the cocoon, the caterpillar does not die. On the contrary, […]