When the caterpillar slips into their cocoon When the butterfly spreads its wings for the first time It’s all a beautiful process. In order for the butterfly to spread its wings, the caterpillar must know when to retreat. When to settle down and reflect on the years it has had. Within the cocoon, the caterpillar does not die. On the contrary, […]

City Limit Happiness

Who knew happiness would offend so many people? Who knew happiness made people uncomfortable? Who knew being happy would make someone jealous? But I get it, this is new for people to see. To experience. But they become offended when they are not the reason or cause for the happiness. But that’s New York. That’s what this city is known […]

BK Nights

And they danced underneath the streetlights of Brooklyn, as the snow softly fell around them. There was music softly being played from a street vendor across the street… But the rhythm and harmony of their hearts was the real orchestra outside. She placed her head on his shoulder, burying her nose into the nape of his neck. His humility smelled […]