New York Has Changed.

Looking from the outside in, it may not appear that this bustling city has changed at all. The buildings are still massive. The lights are still brighter than ever. The noises are still overwhelming. The city gives off this illusion that it has remained the same for centuries. The saying goes that nothing ever stays the same, yet New York […]

Humble Beginnings

There’s no way I can begin a new season within my journey without dedicating my first post to God and the people who have supported me along the way. This has been a journey. A journey filled with high highs and low lows. Who knew that three years ago, with me stepping out on faith to follow my dreams in […]

Intentional Toastmasters

Yesterday, I had a very special opportunity of coaching my mentees on public speaking and presenting styles. After several rounds of feedback, I realized just what this was. This was Toastmasters. This was Improv. This was everything I had exposed myself to in the city. But now using it to help build up those around me. I debriefed with my […]