It has been about a week since I turned 25 and I must say … Whew Lord. You can’t help but reach a major milestone, such as turning a quarter of a century, and not look back over your life and say DAMN GINA!

I am thankful for all the lessons God has afforded me to learn in my 25 years on this Earth. But, as I continue to grow there are a few I want to remember, as well as share with others.

10. It is ok to say NO. Sometimes Hell NO! Being a Phenomenal Woman does not mean taking everything on; So, pick and choose wisely

9. Letting Go is hard, stressful, but necessary.

8. You can’t have a testimony, without a TEST! Keep your faith on fleek.

7. Write out your plans, then throw the paper in the trash. God has something better anyway

6. Forever 21 clothes are affordable and great, but … longevity matters

5. Loving someone does not mean being the Man and Woman in the relationship. A great partnership will always be 50/50 amongst equals

4. Helping someone does not mean hosting them; be discerning of the energy and spirits you let into your life

3. Sure people can speak into your life, but only YOU can live it

2. There is nothing wrong with being dynamic, do not let anyone (especially a man) put you in a box. God made you intricately beautiful for a reason.

1. Outside of God and Family, you are the #1 and #2 priority in your life – and Do Not be ashamed to admit it. Take care of yourself, take the time to get to know who YOU are and always love yourself unconditionally. There’s only one You, in this universe.

What lessons have you learned that can be a blessing unto others?
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