January 15, 2015

Blank Canvas New logo

I sit and I stare. Waiting for the colors, a color, any color to appear.
Will it be a Picasso?
Will it be a Basquiat?
Neither, because it will be of Me.
Me and my desires and what my journey will be.
But yet, I still sit and I stare.
Stare at this Blank Canvas.
White, Open, Clear… Everything and Nothing.
I pick up the paint brush and paint in the air, practicing my stroke, my technique, my expertise – carefully not putting anything on this Blank Canvas.

I know it will be the most beautiful art piece ever. Why? Bc it will represent me.
I have no idea where to start.
So, I sit. And Stare at this Blank Canvas.
Anxiously waiting for something to appear or inspiration to lead my hand.
Pink. Blue. White. Red. Black. Gray. Yellow.
So many choices. So many decisions to make.
One false stroke and it may mess up the entire work of art.
One false color and it may ruin the entire canvas.
One journey. One canvas. One you. One me.
But. I sit and stare at this Blank Canvas.

I close my eyes and dip my brush in a color, allowing fate to take hold of my hand. I push the brush deep into the canvas and allow it to move as it pleases.

I open my eyes and see the color RED.
Red Hearts.
I laugh because that’s all I drew in grade school. Red Hearts. For you and for me.

But then…
I sit back and stare …
Again at this Canvas.
For there is more blank space to be covered.

Only if it’s my heart’s desire. "</p