Sometimes you have to block out others to create more space for yourself to hear from God.

Blocking distractions. No interference. No mixed signals.

Results in a Clear Direction.

If God is the Pilot and Jesus is the co-Pilot and the Holy Spirit is the flight attendant – what more do you need?

So, when the Pilot ask you to put your phone on airplane mode. It’s not in an act of selfishness, it’s to protect you and Him from an interference of mixed signals.

There is a direct signal that comes to the pilot to better align the plane in the right direction to your final destination.

The signal you broadcast could interfere and distract the signal the Pilot needs to receive, which could result in an unexpected detour or failure to launch.

The equivalent to airplane mode in life is blocking out the voices of others, especially those who have not be cleared through TSA. Minimizing distractions whether it be minimizing relationships, friendships, even social media.

Putting yourself in airplane mode allows you to better receive the correct and direct signal from God, so He can take you exactly where you need to be.

Airplane Mode allows you to sit back and fully put your trust in the Pilot.

Activating your airplane mode is activating your faith. Willing to take the risk and say I don’t need any outside voices except the voice of God.

You will receive messages over the intercom, messages that have been authorized from the Pilot for you to hear and to receive. These messages will come from people who God has providentially, purposefully and pointedly authorized to speak into your life while you are on airplane mode.

When you intentionally draw into airplane mode – the stronger your discernment will become in identifying God’s voice, when He is trying to send you messages/signals and when it is time to draw back into airplane mode to strengthen you for the next part of your journey.

God wants to prepare you, but He can’t do it over competing voices, messages and signals. Draw into God by reading and clinging to His word. That way when you have arrived at your destination and it is time to speak, there is no gap between the Will of God and the words you proclaim.