A Seat at The Table: MJX Masterclasses

A Seat at the Table, MJX Masterclass: is the culmination of 10+ years worth of professional experience, spanning from New York to Dallas. 

Regardless of your professional ambitions, there are undeniable soft skills that will be necessary to secure your seat at the table (interviews, executive meetings, client presentations). 

During this masterclass, I share not only my career journey from stepping out on faith to go Grad school in New York, to unemployment and now influencing stakeholders across corporate – consumer interests, but I also give real advice on how not to give up when the struggle gets real.

Check out a few clips from UTA’s Masterclass, this past Fall. 

Heather G., MGP Fall 2019 Masterclass
“I really liked Kyla’s presentation. She was encouraging and genuine. She taught us how to use our failures as fuel to propel our career forward, which was really helpful. We stan Kyla!”
Christina I., MGP Fall 2019 Masterclass
”The workshop was fun and unique in a carefree type of way. I really like that she had snacks, music, a handout to follow along with the presentation, and candy rewards for participating. The most tangible takeaways came from her Q&A after the presentation. She was open and honest about her experience in struggling to get a job, which gave me hope on my journey towards employment. I would encourage her to continue the brunch vibes and candy reward system. I wouldn’t change a thing about her workshop. I loved that one of the lessons she learned was, “I am enough.” That’s a tough lesson to sink in and I relate to it.”
Shekinah R., MGP Fall 2019 Masterclass
​A Seat at the Table ​was right on time for where I am in my journey. Kyla was honest about the grit needed to survive in this industry, which gave me encouragement to continue to be diligent in my search for roles. The workshop was very engaging, and at a time where we all were burning out, it really gave us the fuel we needed to finish strong. I feel confident in my right to sit at any table I choose, because of the empowerment Kyla gave!”