There are some things I need to remember during this season:

  • I need to maintain my peace even when things get chaotic.
  • I need to continual lower myself so God can get the full glory.
  • When faced with adversity and hatred I need to count it all joy.
  • When confusion surrounds me, it’s not my job to figure out a solution unless God provides me with one.
  • I must remain humble at all times. When people say, ” Look at her” – I say, “No Look at God!” I must always direct their attention back to God.
  • When people question my lifestyle or my character- I do not have to stress to defend myself.
  • Stress- what’s that? Minimize by doing activities that bring it down. Such as coloring, working out or swimming.
  • I must continue being protective of my inner being. I must be aware of the energy that I am giving off to others and be aware of the energy others are trying to bring into my circle.
    • Which means my circle is completely closed as of right now. I am blessed with a great set of family and friends that support. Those are my front row.
  • Distractions will come – it’s up to me to be cognizant of them and not give into them.
  • I can love from afar and pray for those who are troubling to me. But i am not I repeat AM NOT supposed to take that on.
  • My plate is completely filled to the brim. I must remain on this path and not look for other detours to occupy my time.
  • Most importantly God. God has and always will come first. He is the reason I can write these words and form complete thoughts. I must always stay aligned with God to ensure that on this journey and in this season I am doing things that please Him.
  • My home, my body, my mind, my heart, my thoughts, my love, my dreams, my life all belong to Christ. I am honored that He sees something in me and wants to use me for various uplifting activities in His kingdom.
  • I will not rush this season, I will not get bogged down by the details. Instead I will remain still and allow God to move me to and fro.

    To end – I believe I must remember to have fun!
    Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived out Loud. So do that Kyla. Have fun. This is suppose to be fun not feel like a chore that never ends!Have fun hummingbird ! "</p