I see myself in about 50 years still writing by the water in the sun, on my own little rock. I recall a time when the creek behind my house felt like a sanctuary garden, where I came to reflect and listen to the water.

I drink in the sun today as I bask in its greatness. It’s a powerful part of the Universe. It brings light. It’s power is able to remove the darkness. Even the moon is a light source at night. Showing us God’s omnipresence and how He is always with us. He is the light source of our dark lives and of this world.

Is it possible that when those lights go out – we will forever be in dark? This is why we must live unto the light and connect with the source – morning and night. Handing our life over to Him as He showers us in light. He will begin revealing Himself unto you in the most miraculous ways. Miracles, Signs, Revelations, Clarity.

The best decision I made in life was becoming this open to Him. Why should I fret? Why should we worry? Knowing that He loves handling everything we hand over to Him. Hand it over to Jesus and He will pave the way. Through trials and tribulations, we are tested and disciplined, and refined. This is the most amazing experience to have with Him because He is preparing us for greater things.

My prayer is as follows: Lord, I draw near to you. I need you to see me through this. I pray you never leave my side. I don’t want to go back into the darkness, so allow me to remain only in your midst and in your light. Amen

I am connected to the Source and this allows me to share my light with others. Whether that is through my writings, conversations, or interacting with those on the streets. My light forever shines bright because I am connected to the Source.

Service becomes the #1 priority. Blessing others around you and bringing God into their midst so they too can experience the greatness of God. It becomes magnetic.

I am excited for the next part of this journey. Though I am unaware of the small details, I can see the bigger details beginning to thread together.

My prayer is as follows: You are in me, I am in You. Allow me to be filled with the Holy Spirit and live out your destiny for my life. Here, Jesus, TAKE THE WHEEL. and show me how to live my life so I can serve you better. Lead me in the direction, you want me to go. I humble myself before you and put no one else before or above you. Amen

unnamedThere may be those who are just coming to understand that a journey never stops – unless you want it to stop. But that is something I will not speak about. I am here for a purpose and I am so blessed by each one of you that have watched me grow – just by reading my writings.

There is one thing that I want to point out – It is not of my own doing, that I am here today, but it is the doing of the Universe. And when I think of that I become so humbled and grateful that it inspires me to do more, to bring more light to His people.

This journey is just getting started and I am blessed to have your full attention.

Please feel free to incorporate my prayers into your prayers and daily meditations. Feel the light radiate from within and begin sharing that light with others.

Happy May!

xoxo, Miss. Jones