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"​A Seat at the Table ​was more that just being a seat, but coming into any space and being representation of a culture that needs a voice, and I know I will. I disrupt professionally with style, of course. I am a hybrid creator and I will make it known because Kyla gave me the okay to live up to my name.” (Jen C., Marcus Graham Project, 2019 Workshop)


Miss. Jones is a Writer, Passionate Visionary and a Humanitarian Organizer.

As a Humanitarian Organizer, Kyla’s sole focus is to foster greater inclusion in the workplace and the community around her. From D.C to New York and now Dallas, Kyla has spearheaded and hosted several innovative programs geared towards empowering Gen Zs, Millennial Women and “Belong” groups. She is the visionary behind the cross-generational house, The Miss. Jones Xperience, which offers a variety of unique programs and experiences via media, ministry and movements. 

Professionally, Kyla’s light has impacted the businesses and culture of ABC/Disney Television Group, Discovery Communications, IPG and Omnicom agencies. Transitioning from a multi-platform analyst, exploring innovative ways to showcase data through creative-visual storytelling for the likes of Adobe and Cisco. Kyla has recently took the next step in her career as a Sr. Experience Strategist and Co-Lead of Diversity & Inclusion @ RAPP.

Furthermore, she has solidified herself as a Social Diversity Influencer, positioned as the leading voice developing internal and external D&I initiatives, as well as driving executive leadership awareness, commitment and accountability.